Domaine Rouvre Saint Léger

Adrien Borrelly and Didier Dumont
Ferme de la
Rouveyrolle, Route de Saint Laurent des Arbres 30290 Laudun
Tel. +33 617 338 026
Direct sale: Only by appointment. 


Adrien Borrelly (born 1986) is the 12th generation of winegrowers. His family is settled on Ferme de la Rouveyrolle, a property of 60 ha. in Laudun. 
The production is sold of to Cellier des Chartreux.
Didier Dumont was born in Italy in 1958. He has had an international business career including 15 years in South America. He has bought a property in Laudun called Saint Leger. He still (2011) works in Brasil for 10 months of the year.

These two men might have a different background but they both have a common dream of making perfect wines. They have for a start selected 3 hectares of the vineyards of the Borelly family. The name of their new company is as you can see made from
Rouveyrolle and Saint Léger. Adrien is for the moment not interested in using more than the three hectares of his father's vineyards. The aim is quality not quantity.

To make the team perfect they have engaged Philippe Cambie as  a consulting oenolog.


Cotes du Rhone Village Laudun
2008: 60% Grenache and 40% Syrah. Partly aged in barriques for 11 m

Cotes du Rhone Village Laudun Blanc
2009: 100% Viognier. 25% is vinified in barriques
. The rest in tank.

Philippe Cambie and Adrien Borrelly. Photo from Facebook 2015

The same label for red and white Laudun



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