Domaine de la Verriere / Chêne Bleu 

Nicole Sierra-Rolet and Xavier R. Rolet
Chemin de la Verrière, 84110 Le Crestet
Tel. +33
490 100 630
Direct sale: Tuesday - Saturday 9.30-17.30

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Chêne Bleu is a project created by 2 couples, Xavier Rolet and Nicole Sierra-Rolet together with Jean-Louis and Benedicte Galucci. Xavier and Nicole are both native Americans. Xavier and Benedicte are brother and sister.
In 1993 Xavier Rolet bought the place covering 135 ha (forrest included) and made quite big investments in renovation of the Medieval buildings and the creation of a very modern cellar. (Nicole and Xavier lives in UK)
For the first ten years after the purchase the grapes were sold to a cooperative. The first vintage made at the domain was 2006. Only the two top cuvées Abelard and Héloïse was made that year.
The vineyards covers 30 ha situated at an altitude of 500-600m The main part of the vineyards are situated in the commune Crestet in AOP Ventoux. The top wines from the estate are named IGP Vaucluse.
Jean-Louis Galucci is chief winemaker. Since 2018  Marlene Angelloz-Nicoud is manager at the domaine. She's better known by th name Marlene FandeGrenache.
Since May 2016 agriculture biologique and later agriculture biodynamique.

Wines (Maybe small variations in blends from different vintages)

Ventoux Astralabe
2015: 75% Grenache, 25% Syrah. 25% Aged in foudres for 6 months

IGP Vaucluse Abélard 
2011: 85% Grenache, 15% Syrah. 
Aged in barrels for 18 months.

IGP Vaucluse Héloïse
65% Syrah, 35% Grenache, 5% Viognier 
Aged in barrels for 18 months.

IGP Vaucluse Blanc Aliot
65% Roussanne, 30% Grenache Blanc, 5% Marsanne.
Aged for 8 months in demi-muids.

IGP Viognier
100% Viognier. Aged for 7 months in demi-muids.

Le Rosé
60% Grenache, 15% Syrah, 12% Vermentino, 8% Mourvedre, 5% Cinsault.

The cuvée names Héloîse and Abelard relates to a love affaire from the 12th century between Héloîse og Pierre Abelard, known from letters from Héloîse to Abelard. The fruit of this love affaire was their son Astralabe.

Xavier R. Rolet in his chair as CEO at CQS

Maitre de chai Jean-Louis Galucci - July 2019

Lleft le chêne bleu, the dead oak tree painted with high concentrated copper sulphate which in less concentrated form is sprayed in the vineyards to avoid 
attacks from fungis. This piece of art created by Marc Nucéra has inspired to the name of the wines or visa versa.

Right: Jean-Louis and Benedicte Galucci, Xavier R. Rolet and Nicole Sierra-Rolet 

Nicole Sierra-Rolet at Decouvertes in Avignon April 2019

Manager since 2018 Marlene FandeGrenache









The front side of a card, telling about the wine tourism activities at La Verrière.
The old buildings are restored a luxury bootcamp for wine enthusiasts. Grenache Association in June 2010 the first Grenache Symphosium. Nicole Rolet took the initiative to this conference together with Walter McKinlay at Domaine de Mourchon in Seguret
The front side of the labels is telling about a Medieval allegory about work in the area in ancient times. To the right you see a glassblower referring to an Italian glass factory at the place centuries ago giving the name La Verrière to the whole complex of buildings from ancient times. At allegoral label you can also find the four implicated persons at the domain. 

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