Saint Jean du Barroux

Philippe Gimel
323, Chemin des Métiers, 
Parc d'Activité de la Croix de Florent
84340 Malaucène

Tel. +33 490 708 474 Mobil: +33 661 071 580
Direct sale: Yes but an appointment are recommendable


Gimel is educated as an oenolog (Diplôme National d'Oenologue de Toulouse) and has worked at different estates in Rhone. For years he was looking for a place to start his own production of wine.
At the start he bought area covered 16,5 ha. 4 of them are covered with fruit threes, forrest and lots of plants.
2007-2015 Gimel made his wines in a rented room 
Since 2016 Gimel has been able to make his wines in a refurbished basement, which was established by the owner, a contractor who had originally intended to use the premises for machines, but who for various reasons he gave up using the buildings himself and today Gimel has not only vineyards but also his own cellar and a nice house for living with tasting room and office.
The work in the vines are strictly organic. 
After moving to the new cellar Gimel has bought a parcel just nearby, so the vineyards are now covering 19 ha.

During the picking of grapes a very careful sorting of the grapes are made.
Since Pilippe
would prefere whole bunce fermentation but will not use immature stalks and therefore he desteem all the grapes and sort the mature stems from the greens and let them go in to the fermentation tanks.


Ventoux La Source
2017: Grenache, Carignan, Cinsault. 25 hlha.

Ventoux l'Argile
2016: 75% Grenache, 15% Syrah og 10% Carignan/Cinsault. 20 hl/ha
Partly aged in older barriques for 18 month.

Ventoux La Pierre Noire
2016: 75% Grenache, 25% Syrah.
The grapes are of course cut manuel but even selected grape for grape.15 hl/ha. Aged in concrete or barriques. 
One of the very best wines from Ventoux.

Ventoux Syrah

Ventoux Rosé
Grenache, Cinsault.

Ventoux Blanc Montagne Blanc
2018: 1/3 Grenache Blanc, 1/3 Bourboulenc, 1/3 Clairette. 10 hl/ha.
1/3 aged in barriques.

Philippe Gimel in his vineyards in 2008. On the horizon you can see the eastern part of Dentelles de Montmirail. To the right you see Sainte Madeleine de Barroux situated near the road from Le Barroux to Suzette.

The lower part of the vineyards in Le Barroux
Higher on the slope there are only 4-5 rows on each terrasse.


For Philippe Gimel a tasting is a serious matter. He is top motivated when he present his wines and you can't avoid to be impressed by his passion.
 Before 2016 a tasting was like a picnic by his vineyards - Photo from 2008

2019: Indoor tasting room with sommelier - échanson
The gentleman to the left is a Danish - Gimel expert

In 2019 Philippe Gimel has two employees Justine (Ju Coco) and Baptiste.

The symbol on the labels tells about the dividing point between Mont Ventoux and Dentelles de Montmirail.

Juli 2019. Gimel has plans about a "botanical garden" in front of his house. We will see what happens

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