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In latin the name of the place was Jucunditas mening joy and gladness.
You can't say for certain that wine lies behind the name, but it's easy to understand if it's claimed.

Numerous pieces of coins, potsherds and other relics from Roman times have been found. It is said that retired legionaries were allowed to settle in Provence as a reward for faithful service. Naturally, they have also grown wine to a lesser extent. 
In the early Middle Ages Gigondas was a part of the Holy Roman German Empire and belonged to the Kingdom of Burgundy.

history of Gigondas is closely linked to the city of Orange. Orange was a so-called Principality. Since 1181 the prince or duke, who reigned over the city, had feudal rights over the inhabitants, not only of Orange but also of other areas
Jonquières, Violès, Courthézon, Gigondas, Suzette, Lafare and Hameau de Derboux in Mondragon. The principality has since 1713 been a part of France, but a part of its history still lives in the name Vin de Pays de la Principauté d'Orange.

Gigondas has never like for example Chateauneuf du Pape been reigned by
The Pope or bishops from Avignon.

These two photos is made Michel Vincendeau, who on his site has more photos from Gigondas and other villages.
If you want to your drive car to the high part of the village then turn right just after passing Domaine Cayron - Choose Montée des Hospices at the navigator.
You can also work thrugh the slopy streets and stairways with landings in between, The walk is about 300 m but feels longer.

The parish church, Saint Catherine d'Alexandrie was constructed in the 18th century. The tower is the highest point of the village. From here you can see all the vineyards of Gigondas and have close views of Dentelles de Montmirail.

Chapelle Saint Côme et Saint Damien is situated by the vineyards of Chateau Saint Côsme. As you see it today it was constructed in the 12th century but replaced' a building from the 7th century.

Vieuw from the church area to the plain part of Gogondas

The vineyards are situated at very different altitudes from the plain plateau by the river Ouvèze to the terrasses at Dentelles de Montmirail. 
The foldings of the massif result in different types of soil.
The differences of soil and altitudes bring different characters to the wines.  
Dentelles de Montmirail is an attractive area for hiking and climbing
If you arrive from Gigondas you can drive by the road to Restaurant Florets and continue till you reach a parking place by the feet of  the Dentelles.
You can also arrive from the south side by turning left from the road (D90) in Lafare between Beaumes de Venise and Suzette.
A beautifull restored building near the church Auspice du Gigondas belongs to the Syndicat d'AOC Gigondas. Here is a very nice tasting room where tastings takes place - Aupice du Gigondas. See photos at Facebook from 2017.
The event is open only for professionals.
In connextion with Auspice du Gigondas you can participate in af tasting of old wines, presented by two expericed wingrowers. You see in front at the photo the geologist (and oenologist) Georges Truc specialist in terroirs in Rhone.

If you walk from the central square to the Auspice you will see skulpturers at different places made of wood or iron. Changed every year.

At the central square you find Caveau du Gigondas, where you can taste and buy nearly all wines from the appellation
A staircase leadd up to the offices of the Syndicate and tasting room for special guests like wine writers

Two good restarants in Gigondas

Restaurant l'Oustalet, situated at the centrl spuare where all turists is passing. Until 2009 the restaurant was owned by the negociantfirm Gabril Meffre
Since then it's owned by the Perrinfamily at Chateau de Beaucastel.  The quality of the food is very good and the servise is very professionel. Photo fro Juli 2017
Reservation +33 4
90 658 530

Hôtel Les Florêts. Before you by D79 arrive to the willage you see signs to Saint Cosme and the restaurant (From here 1,4 km).
 The place is owned by the Bernard  family also known from Domaine de la Garrigue.
 Until 2005 the restaurant was run by Pierre Bernard, since then by his son Thierry Bernard and his wife. Reservation Tel +33 490 658 501

Gigondas sur Table

Gigondas sur Table. Photo from the event in 2018 half an hour before opening  By the red signs the chefs prepare servering of small gourmet dishes
Private phtos from the event from  20152017 - 2018

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