Chateau de Saint Cosme

Louis Barruol
84190 Gigondas
Tel. +33 490 658 080
Direct sale: 9.00-12.00 and 14.00-17.00


In 1992, the oenologically trained Louis Barruol took over the property from his father Henri Barroul. Since 1570 the property has been inherited by Louis Barroul's ancestors and Barroul is the 14th generation at the property.
Well-preserved wine
cuves from the production of wine from Roman times can be seen in the form of carved "tanks" in the limestone cliffs where the cellar is situated today. There is therefore evidence to denote the domain as the oldest in Gigondas - perhaps in the Rhine Valley. The very historically conscious and knowledgeable Louis Barroul also believes that he is able to name the retired Roman legionarian Cornelius who must have founded the winegrowing property in 109 a C

The 15 ha. AOC Gigondas, belonging to the property, is located around the domain and encircles the medieval Chapel Saint Cosme giving name to the place.
Although the parcels are gathered in a small area, there are quite different soil conditions, as the vineyards are located somewhere where the rejections from Dentelles de Montmirail cross each other.
The average age of the vines is 60 years. The grapes are not de-stemmef for the Gigondas vines and undergo a relatively long maceration period, are aged in partly new barrels and are bottled without filtration.
In 2007 a major renovation of the ageing cellar was made.

In 2013 Barroul acquired a domain of 10 ha. in Violès. From 2016, white wine was produced from newly planted Viognier and Picpoul and in 2017 a white wine based on Marsanne.
2019 Louis Barroul bought Chateau Rouanne in Vinsobres. As he had control over the winemaking in 2018 he made his first vintage of Vinsobres then
At present (November 2017), wines from this are
a not presented in details at the domain's website; However it is stated that in 2017 prepairing for biodynamic cultivation methods for these fields is being undertaken, which is also widely practiced in the vineyards of Gigondas.
Since 2013 the Gigondas vineyards have been certified agriculture biologique.

Chateau de Saint Cosme (Qoutations by Louis Barroul)

Chateau de Saint Cosme Gigondas
2018: 70% Grenache, 14% Syrah, 15% Mourvedre and 1% Cinsault. 
50% aged for 12 months in 0-4-years-old pièces (15% new). The rest in concrete.

Gigondas La Poste
2018: 100% Grenache from a parcel of 0,8 ha by Chapelle Saint Cosme. Aged for 12 months in
pièces, 20% new, 50% one-year-old and 30% two-years-old.

Gigondas Le Claux
2018: 100% Grenache planted at  Le Claux during first World War.
Aged for 12 months in
pièces, 20% new, 50% one-year-old and 30% two-years-old.

Gigondas Hominis Fides
2018: 100% Grenache. Very old vines at a vineyard called Hominis Fides

Aged for 12 months in pièces  20% new, 50% one-year-old and 30% two-years-old.
Charcoal, violet, high altitude raspberry, white pepper"

Cotes du Rhone Les Deux Albions
2018: Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre. Aged in wooden tank 

Cotes du Rhone Blanc La Poste
2018: 100% Clairette, planted in 1963 by Henri Barroul.
Fermented and then aged in pièces. Malolactic fermentation allowed.

IGP Blanc Les Deux Albions (Domaine de Saint Cosme)
2019: 40% Viognier, 30% Picpoul, 20% Marsanne, 4% Clairette, 3% Ugni Blanc, 3% Bourboulenc. Fermented and aged 25% in demi-muids, 50% in pièces, 25% in tank.

Vinsobres Chateau Rouanne
2018: 50% Grenache, 40% Syrah, 10% Mourvedre.

Louis Barruol 2011

The entrance to the tasting room - open as the doors

The entrance to the office - the staircase to the right.

Saint Cosme (negociant wines)

Beside the production from own vineyards Barruol has long time contracts with producers from other appellations. The wines from these vineyards are vinified with close supervision from Barruol and sold with the name Saint Cosme (without “Chateau de”)  

Chateauneuf du Pape
2014: 50% Grenache, 25% Mourvedre, 20% Syrah and 5% Cinsault.
Lieux-dits: La Crau, Valori and Cristia. Aged for two years in 2-4-vins pièces.

Cote Rotie
Saint Joseph
Cotes du Rhone
Cotes du Rhone Blanc
IGP d'Oc Blanc  Little James' Basket
VDF Little James' Basket

The three photos are from Le Poste from a position very near Le Chapelle. Close up, view to Dentelles de Montmirail and the village of Gigondas

Foto to the right is from the domain's website showing the new ageing cellar from 2007. 

On special occasions Louis Barroul is extra generous and bestows special vintages. Here at Gigondas sur Table in 2015 a dusty old magnum of Gigondas.
Later his daughter Jenny and Mrs Barroul replaced Louis at the table.

Louis Barroul at Gigondas sur Table 2017. Late evening he played guitar in a band where his son also playd. Both father an son are passionated rugbyfans.

Forge Cellars - Fingerlakes Riesling Louis Barroul is a partner of Forge Cellars, located at Finger Lake in New York state - near the border with Canada.
He seems to be most interested in Riesling from here in a very dry and barrel aged version which can be purchased at Saint Cosme.
Barroul Lynch  is a negociant cooperation with the US importer and co-owner of Domaine Pallières in Gigondas. The co-operation consists in Louis Barroul having direct cooperation with growers (only from the northern Rhone) and bottling the wines. Blended by Kermit Lynch means that he determine the type.
Saint Cosme is the name used for purchased wines. Louis Barroul buys, age and bottles the wines at Chateau de Saint Cosme.

Chapelle Saint-Cosme et Saint-Damien. Romanesque chapel from the 12th century. Dedicated to two (Arab!) brothers who were annonuced saints 
are regarded as protectors for surgeons and pharmacists. To the right: Chateau de Saint Cosme's main building as seen from the "garden".

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