Domaine Maby

Natacha and Richard Maby
249, Rue St Vincent 30126 Tavel
Tel. +33
466 500 340  / +33 607 512 561 
Direct sale: Monday - Friday 8-17.30
E-Shop Price range 10-25€


The Maby family have been farmers in the Tavel for a couple a centuries. After WWI they bottled some wines with the name "Clos du Palai". As wine growing became more important after WWII Domaine Maby was created with the new name and the wines were produced from 15 ha. During the following years the family company increased its holdings. In 1996 a group of family members owned 120 ha. They then decided to split up. The father of the owner today by this split got 45 ha and later he repurchased 15 ha of Lirac and Cotes du Rhone. 
Today the domain covers 60 ha; 21 ha of Tavel, 31 ha of Lirac, 5 ha of Cotes du Rhone and 3 ha of IGP.
Richard Maby was before taking over from his father working in the financial sector.

Wines according to website December 2020

Lirac La Fermade
2018: Grenache, Syrah, 10% Mourvedre. 

Lirac Nessum Dorma
2017: Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre.
Aged in barrelse for 12 months

Lirac Bel Canto
2017: 100% Grenache. 
Aged in new demi-nuids for 17 months. 

Lirac Rosé La Fermade
"essentiellement de Cinsault et de Grenache"

Lirac Blanc La Fermade  
2019: Grenache Blanc, Clairette, 10% Picpoul.

Lirac Blanc Costa Diva

2018: 50% Grenache Blanc and 50% Viognier.
Fermented and aged in new barriques for 3 months. 4.500 bottles.

Tavel Forcadiere
2019: 74% Grenache, 8% Syrah, 6% Grenache Blanc, 5% Cinsault and 7% other varieties from the three main terroirs galets, sables, lauzes.

Tavel Primadonna
2019: Grenache, Cinsault. 

Tavel Libiamo
2018: 50% Grenache and 50% Cinsault. 
Fermented and then aged in demi-muids for 9 months. 

Cotes du Rhone Variations
2018: Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre, Carignan

IGP du Pont du Gard  "Baroques"
2015: Syrah and Cinsault.

Richard Maby at Decouvertes in Avignon 2019

The old foudres are not used any more.

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