Vacqueyras Fête ses Vins 13-14 July 2015

30 winegrowers presented their wines during two days 13 and 14 July 2015. It's 25 years since the appellation was created. This might be one of the reasons why so many producers participated.
Anyway it has been an unic opportunity to taste so many wines of the appellation and compare them to each other.

As an amateur from Denmark I tasted some of the wines and allowed myself to give points according to my own preferences in the very moment when the wines were tasted in the streets of Vacqueyras. A mouthful to prepare taste sense and then another to judge and finally spit. No time for deeper philosophy about ideal wines. 
Don't take the figures too seriously.




Chateau de Montmiral
Vacqueyras des Deux Frères 2012 14,5
Vacqueyras l'Ermité 2013 15


Chateau des Roques
Vacqueyras 2011 15
Vacqueyras 2012 15
Vacqueyras 2013 15


Domaine Alain Ignace
Vacqueyras Intuition 2012 14,5
Vacqueyras Symbiosis  2012 15


Domaine Cabassole
Vacqueyras 2012 14

Vacqueyras Allinance (in barrels)

2010 14,5
Domaine de Clos des Cazaux 
Vacqueyras des Templiers 2012 16
Vacqueyras Granat Noble 2011 16
Domaine de la Brunely



Vacqueyras 2012 15
Domaine de la Colline Saint Jean 
Vacqueyras 2012 15
Domaine de l'Espigouette
Vacqueyras 2012 16
Domaine de la Ganse
Vacqueyras  2012 15,5
Vacqueyras l'Arffine (in barrels) 2012 14,5
Domaine de Montvac
Vacqueyras Arabesque 2012 15
Vacqueyras Vincila 2011 15
Domaine des Amouriers
Vacqueyras Les Genestes 2011 17,5
Domaine Fontaine du Clos
Vacqueyras Reflets de L'âme 2012 16
Vacqueyras Castillon ? 16,5
Domaine la Fourmone
Vacqueyras Tresor du Poèrte 2012? 15,5
Vacqueyras Ceps d'Or 2012? 16
Domaine la Garrigue
Vacqueyras 2013 15,5
Vacqueyras 2012 15,5
Vacqueyras l'Hostellerie 2012 17
Vacqueyras La Cantarelle 2011 17,5
Domaine la Ligière
Vacqueyras 2012 16,5
Vacqueyras 2013 16
. Les 2 Monardes
Domaine la Monardière
Vacqueyras Les 2 Monardes 2013 17,5
Domaine le Clos du Caveau
Vacqueyras Fruit Sauvage 2012? 16
Vacqueyras Carmin Brilliant 2012? 17
Vacqueyras Lao Muse 2012 18
Domaine le Couroulu
Vacqueyras ? 14,5
Domaine le Sang des Cailloux
Vacqueyras Floureto 2011 17
Vacqueyras Lopy 2011 18
Domaine les Semelles de Vent
Vacqueyras Vieille Vignes 2012 16
Vacqueyras Tradition 2013 14,5
Vacqueyras Vieille Vignes 2010 16
Domaine Roucas Toumba
Vacqueyras Un Grande Terre 2014 16
Vacqueyras Les Restanques de Cabassole 2012 2012 17,5
Domaine Saint Roch
Vacqueyras Cuvée Quentho 2012 15,5
Vacqueyras Cuvée des Generations (in barrels) 2012? 15
Les Vignerons de Caractère
Vacqueyras Vieilles Vignes 2012 15,5
Vacqueyras l'Eternete 2012? 16,5
Mas des Restanques
Vacqueyras 2012 15
Vacqueyras 2010 15

In relaxed mode Monday morning: Igor Chudzikiewicz, Domaine des Amouriers and Serge Férigoule, Domaine le Sang des Cailloux, both in the top five of producers of the appellation.

Free breakfast until 10.00 with wines make you feel that you are welcome.

Another topproducer was disturbed, Henri Bungener Domaine le Clos du Caveau

In brown polo Christophe Galon Domaine les Semelles de Vent


Marie-Thérèse and Florentine CombeDomaine la Fourmone.


Norge Larson and Arlene Libby presented their first vintage of Vacqueyras 2014 from their domaine Chateau Bois d´Arlene. The owner lives and works in the US half of the year. Philippe Bernard from Domaine la Ligière takes care of vines and wines

Coralie Onde Domaine de la Ganse
The gentleman is Jens Hork from Copenhagen.

Stéphane Meissonnier and his two sons from Domaine Saint-Roch

Son and father. The father owns Domaine du Parc Seigneur

David Bernard Domaine de la Garrigue

Two brothers of the Wine brotherhood of Vacqueyras Pierre Seroul
Chateau des Roques and Monique Archimbaud Bouteiller Chateau de Montmirail

Pierre Seroul Chateau des Roques, a brother from a brotherhood of cheese and
Serge Férigoule, Domaine le Sang des Cailloux

Aurelie the wtfe of Cyril Alazard Domaine de la Colline Saint Jean 

Damien Vâche, now running Domaine de Monardière with his sister and niece

Corine and Dany Seroul Chateau des Roques

 Christophe and Yu Yen Galon Domaine les Semmelles de Vent

To the right Camille Duserre Domaine de Montvac together with a friend.

 Igor Chudzikiewicz, Domaine des Amouriers

Serge Férigoule, Domaine le Sang des Cailloux and 
Christian Vâche
Domaine de Monardière

The two brothers at Domaine de l'Espigouette Emilien and Julien Latour

Frédéric Vache Domaine de Clos des Cazaux 

Èric Bouletin Domaine Roucas Toumba

 Some spectacles took place on Tuesday 14 July around noon at the square by the church

In front of the church everyone was singing Cuope Santo
the Provençal national anthem

The priest sprinkled incense on a vine to bless the vines of the village -
I guess

Even a Danish protestant was with holy water

Girls in a ballet-like dance around the vine - in beautyful old folk costumes

A brass band took to the stage. They would later play during a dinner for hundreds of people on the main street

Brothers, musicians and dancers walking throuh the streets

The band in a narrow passage