Les Vignerons de Nouvelle Lune meet at Domaine la Viret

Les Vignerons de Nouvelle Lune is a group of winegrower friends who share philosophy about a natural way of threeting the vineyards in harmony with nature and about using an absolute minimum of chemical additives in vineyards or cellar.
All of them are certified organic and as the name tell they use some biodynamic methods and work in coordination with the cyclus of the moon and some might be certified by Demeter. They migt even make natural wines (without any sulphur added) 

Domaine Gramenon / Michelle Aubery La Deuxième Tour / Jean-Luc Bernard
Le Clos des Mourres / Jean-Philippe et Ingrid Bouchet La Grande Ourse / Pascal Chalon Domaine Matthieu Dumarcher / Matthieu Dumarcher Le Mas de Casalas / Jérôme Hue & Isabelle Supparo Maxime-François Laurent Domaine Dieulefit / Rémi Pouizin Domaine d’Ouréa / Adrien Roustan Mas de Libian / Hélène Thibon & Alain Macagno Les grands Enfants / Olivier Trombetta Domaine Viret / Philippe Viret
Clos des Cimes / Elodie Aubert et Raphaël Gonzales

Some times these friends invite people to taste their wines.
That was the case at Domaine Viret at 11 July 2015 at 19.00

I have never been participating before. Therefore it was a surprice for me that you had to pay by the glass - 2 €, Well, that might be a reasonable price. But if you participated with the hope to taste more than e few wines then you had to buy a lot of wine without enjoying to taste more than a small part. All the wines were from vintage 2014. The white and the rosés might be enjoyable in an evening in July with 33 degrees. I discovered that I was the only person among the many visitors who tryed to taste the wines instead of drinking them - I was the only person to spit.
 I felt that I was the wrong man at the wrong place.
The winegrowers were all so busy pouring and selling wines that it was impossible to get any contact with them. I succeded to have a few photos.


Arrivel to Viret at 7 p.m. Nothing happened the first hour - we are in France.

Depart just before sunset.

Line 1

Line 2

Olivier Trombetta, Les Grands Enfants - Vin de France

Adrien Roustan Domaine d'Ouréa, Vacqueyras with his girlfriend



Among the guests Marie Caroline and Even Bakke, Clos de Trias  La Barroux

Philippe Viret, Domaine Viret, and his wife, who did a great job in the bar

Mathieu Durmarcher, Domaine Mathieu Durmarcher, La Beaume de Transit

Sometime it took some time to get a glass of wine in the bar