Domaine d'Aloès

Nadia and Pascal Fayolle
Route de Saint Maurice Za Les Paluds 26110 Vinsobres

The domain was established in 2013. It covers 28 ha of Vinsobres and Cotes du Rhone. Since 2013 the vineyards are during conversion into agriculture biologique. A new cellar has been constructed in Vinsobres and in 2013 the first vintage from the new domain was made.

Domaine des Martinelles
2 Route des Vignes 26600 Gervans
Tel. +33
475 077 060

Nadia and Pascal Fayolle have for several years run Domaine des Martinelles in Gervans. They are the third generation at this domin covering 21,5 ha in Hermitage, Crozes-Hermitage and Saint Joseph. In 2013 they have for 10 years made and bottled the wines from this domain.

Vine (2013)


Cotes du Rhone Village

Cotes du Rhone Blanc
2013: 50% Grenache Blanc and 50% Viognier

IGP Rosé
2013: 100% Grenache

Nadia and Pascal Fayolle

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