Chateau Bois d'Arlène

Norge Larson and Arlene Libby
452 Chemin Bernusset 84260 Sarrians
Tel. +33 988 668 805
Direct sale: most probably from 2020.


The owners present the place at the domains website as follows
"A hidden piece of land, where Biodiversity is the key to harmony, has been asleep for the last two decades. Since 2013, a strong friendship and a shared passion has brought it back to life, to produce one of the finest wines of the region."

The property covers 18 ha of which 10 ha. are in production of AOP Vacqueyras. Until 2018 the wines were made at  Domaine la Ligière,
New cellars at the place should be ready for harvest of 2019.
Since 2019 the vineyards are cetified agriculture biologique.


Vacqueyras Origine

Vacqueyras Blanc l'Orée du Bois

IGP Blanc La Countess
2018: Viognier, Fermentino, Piquepoul. Planted 2015.

Norge Larson and Arlene Libby at Fête du Vin in Vacqueyras July 2019

This photo is from before renovation have been made.

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Updated 04-09-2019